About Us

Chicago Success!

The City’s Finest Since 1982

Chicago's Nuts is a proud member of the Chicago business community, and we’ve found success through quality products, a focus on local customers, and pride in our community. As a daughter company of Superior Nut & Candy Co. Inc., we’ve held true to their standard of wholesome, quality products for our customers.

We have a passion for freshly roasted nuts, seeds, and snacks. But that’s not all. At Chicago’s Nuts we have pride in our chocolate and yogurt products, trail mixes, dried fruits & candy assortments. We offer these tasty snacks in small, hand-crafted batches for customers who visit our outlet store. We also offer a variety of specialty items such as gift & holiday packages.

Over the years, our products have earned a reputation for being irresistible. Our cashews, roasted nuts, honey roasted nuts, and chocolate covered items are favorites among our customers. Much of our selection is quite popular among those seeking a satisfying healthy crunch in their daily snacking routine.

With our focus on customers and quality of products, we know you will appreciate our commitment to using the finest ingredients in our products.